“During the eight years that (Dahlan) ran one of Arafat’s 14 or 15 security organisations Gaza
was known as Dahlanistan.”


This simplistic and apt description of Mohammed Dahlan as it relates the byzantine world of the Middle East peace process made little impact but it perfectly captured a man who was to parlay his connections and skills into becoming a major player on the world stage. Dahlan was able to take his role as enforcer and spy inside the occupied areas and expand on it to serve many masters.

Dahlanistan is an apt term to describe the region that Dahlan has penetrated and influenced since them. The region ranges from America to the Gulf across the Middle East to Europe to the Balkans and across the vast continent of Africa. Dahlan brings gifts, money, influence, charm and deals that expand his sponsor’s reach.

Mohammed Dahlan is a refugee-camp-born poor boy that had no remarkable future. But he became a key figure in Palestinian and world politics. He transitioned this role to maintain the UAE’s agenda, to play a constructive role in Israeli-Gulf alliance, to lead a web of illegal arms sales from the Balkans to Africa, to eliminate unofficially declared persona non grata and, at the same time, to finance several media outlets and NGOs. His activities stretch from Yemen to Libya, from Turkey to Egypt and from Switzerland to the US with the media seemingly still fixated on his potentially but unfulfilled influential position in both Israel and Palestinian territories. He has expanded his services to officially serving the United Arab Emirates’ interests as “security advisor” to keep the ruling family safe Not so much from rogues and assassins but from the democratization wave in the Arab world, aka Arab Spring, and to broaden the Nahyan’s family sphere of influence.

But what is this Dahlanistan? Who is Dahlan? Why is he so ambitious to be recorded as 21st century’s most notorious but also legally invisible man? Despite his obvious importance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) politics, his actions on behalf of UAE and notorious actions in several countries, the international media has not paid much attention to his activities outside of Palestinian politics. They have failed to map out his global ambitions and to lay out everything to paint a more complete picture. A few articles have attempted to explain his significance in politics, but almost all of them have confined the analyses to regional level.

For the first time, this webpage aims at providing a full portrait of Mohammed Dahlan through conducting in-depth investigation, analyzing his interviews, activities, proxies, and relations, and collecting all the relevant sources. While doing so, it avoids from biases and assumptions but installs a totally fact-based approach to him and his activities besides offering analyses for finding out reasons behind his decisions and actions in each country where he operates.

Welcome to Dahlanistan.