The story of Mohammed Dahlan is not just about Palestine and how he has used his contacts and intelligence networks to become an international fixer. He is expanding beyond the Arab world towards Europe. By doing so he is also executing UAE foreign policy of quiet influence and frustrating democratic institutions.

Dahlan has long been investing on behalf of the UAE in the Balkans, both politically and economically. As seen in the chapters on Montenegro and Serbia, he has set up several companies in these countries, maintaining commercial activities through his close aides and family members. He has also acquired Montenegrin and Serbian citizenships thanks to his close ties with top politicians. At the same time, he has facilitated the entry of the UAE to the Balkan markets as investor in the real estate and agriculture sectors. The main resource of the Balkans are weapons, and some say criminal ventures such as the movement of drugs that penetrate the heart of Europe. There is no linkage of Dahlan to drugs, but he has been methodically documented supervising the illegal purchase and movement of tons of weapons from the Balkans to the UAE clients in Africa.

Dahlan’s main priority has been to extend the influence and reach of his client, the Nahyan family. Specifically, into vulnerable regions where money can easily facilitate the needs of the UAE over the legal needs of the population. There are currently plans by the UAE and Russia to reshape the Balkans more to their liking after the long conflicts that created independent nations. The entry of the UAE into the banking, real estate, and political arena via Dahlan is a cheap way to ensure there are no unexpected problems in the constant attempt to remove democratic institutions beyond the Nahyan’s family initial concerns about “political Islam”. In order to help the UAE to achieve its targets in both the MENA and East Africa regions, Dahlan created a sequence of arms manufacture, shipment, delivery and storage, which was enhanced into an air bridge using massive IL-76 cargo freighters to supply warring allies of the UAE. The links with politicians and state run arms manufacturers, brokers and shippers is optimal in the Balkans. A new center for UAE designed to destabilize of Europe, MENA and Africa.


Leaving previous disputes, such as Emirati support for Bosnians during the civil war in the 1990s aside, Serbia and the UAE have established solid and

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Montenegro is infamous for deep-rooted corruption, different types of smuggling and giving space to dirty political relations in its realm through granting honorary citizenship program. It has also been

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