Seychelles, the tiny holiday resort in the Indian Ocean, is in fact significant for its geostrategic position. It is situated close to East Africa where the UAE has a growing interest and presence. Seychelles caught the attention of the international media after a meeting between UAE’s Mohamed bin Zayed and former US President Donald Trump’s donor and mercenary hirer Erik Prince. Allegedly, Mohammed Dahlan was present in the meeting.

“Top Arab spy and prince’s conduit to the Kremlin were at the Seychelles meeting between Trump donor Erik Prince and the Russian oligarch.”

Daily Mail, 12 March 2018 

Erik Prince

London-based Daily Mail reported in 2018 that Erik Prince held a meeting with Mohamed bin Zayed, accompanied by Hamad al Mazroie, the de-facto head of the UAE intelligence service, and Mohammed Dahlan. George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman with ties to the Trump administration was present. This meeting was held in 2017, a week before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The newspaper claimed that Dahlan was fluent in Russian and a conduit to Kremlin for the UAE. A source also indicated that Dahlan had strengthened his position within the UAE. Still, there is no information available what Dahlan’s role was in this meeting or whether he has further tasks in Seychelles.





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