2011: Abbas' supporters claim Dahlan was involved in killing Arafat back in 2004January 14, 2011: Deposition of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali - Involvement of Dahlan with Tunisian politics beginsApril 6, 2011: Palestine investigates Dahlan's involvement in Libya upon allegations that he shipped Israeli weapons to Moammar GaddafiJune 10, 2011: Dahlan's house raided by Palestinian security forces, Dahlan moved to Abu Dhabi, welcomed by MBZ2011: Entering Jordan once againSeptember 19, 2011: Jordan claims Dahlan helped Israel kill 2 Palestinians


2012: Dahlan denies having financial relations with Sawiris2012: UAE decides to turn Serbia into an operating base - Dahlan is tasked with getting involved with the nationalist VucicJanuary 11, 2012: Jordan declares Dahlan persona non grata, freezed his assets in the country


February 2013: Dahlan gets a Serbian citizenshipJuly 4, 2013: Dahlan assists ousting Morsi, backs Sisi financiallyJuly 26, 2013: Dahlan accuses Abbas administration with corruptionNovember 7, 2013: Swiss scientist's findings suggest foul play in Arafat's death


March 17, 2014: Dahlan: "I am the hero that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood."March 17, 2014: Dahlan denies involvement in Sinai regionDecember 2014: Djukanović: "Dahlan is a friend of Montenegro"December 23, 2014: Dahlan recruits Tartars, including Rais Suleimanov, against jihadism in Chechenya2014: Dahlan invited by Ethiopia (and Egypt) to mediate Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis2014: Egyptian politician claims Dahlan aids Haftar


February 21, 2015: SISILEAKS - UAE ordered Dahlan to back Sisi financially - Dahlan has a secret mission in Libya - an arranged meeting between Dahlan and al-DamApril 2015: Dahlan attends the inauguration of al-Jarba’s Tomorrow Movement in CairoApril 28, 2015: Dahlan Visited in 2015: Nile Dam ProjectJune 20, 2015: Dahlan funds his NGOs in Norway and Switzerland through banks in BalkansJuly 31, 2015: Dahlan organizes mass weddings financed by UAE to show off soft powerDecember 8, 2015: Dahlan: “I am not against Turkey. But I am against not exposing the facts of those who are not confronting ISIS"December 9, 2015: Putin appoints Dahlan as a member of the board of trustees of Mariinsky TheaterDecember 14, 2015: Taiz missile attack - Saudi seeks Dahlan's assistance after failureDecember 31, 2015: Dahlan "I appreciate the coup. Muslim Brotherhood was useless."2015: Egypt is not happy with how much Dahlan involves in Ethiopia2015: Royal Group real estate project (Dahlan's company) - opposition outrages in SerbiaSince 2015: Dahlan creates kill teams against Islah2015: UAE supports military to back the protests against the newly formed Tunisian government2015: UAE military base built in Eritrea


January 2, 2016: Dahlan criticizes Obama over insufficiency in Israeli-Palestine conflictMarch 31, 2016: Dahlan unifying opposition parties in TunisiaJune 6, 2016: Egypt, Jordan, UAE join forces to replace Abbas with Dahlan. Jordan expresses that Dahlan has his weaknessesAugust 4, 2016: Dahlan's media outlets interview Fetullah GülenOctober 31, 2016: Dahlan involves in Hamas-Fatah reconciliation talks in EgyptNovember 7, 2016: Coup attempt against Djukanović, opposition blamed Dahlan for the attemptSince 2016: Dahlan has been moving shiploads and aircraft loads of weapons with various end user certificatesPost-2016/Trump Era: Dahlan finally has a U.S. leader with similar opinions - meets US Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt multiple times


Since 2017: Wagner enters Sudan. Dahlan is tasked to form good relations with it.January 2017: Meeting with Eric Prince - Forming a back channel of communication between Trump administration and Kremlin?February 17, 2017: UAE involves in Chechenya to promote "softer Islam"February 27, 2017: Dahlan and UAE investing in Mohsen MarzoukJuly 8, 2017: Dahlan and Hamas agree to form a Gaza management committeeJuly 10, 2017: Dahlan attempts to form an alliance with Hamas through the support of Egypt, UAE, JordanJuly 24, 2017: Dahlan wants to form a Gaza-Sinai confederation?July 28, 2017: Dahlan trains 8,000 fighters in Sinai region?July 31, 2017: Dahlan threatens Jordan authorities with revealing secret filesOctober 14, 2017: International Criminal Court investigates Dahlan's war crimes in LibyaOctober 21, 2017: Russia tasks Dahlan to talk with Syrian opposition


January 15, 2018: UAE's investment to Montenegro reaches €92.8 millionFebruary 19, 2018: Dahlan sends aid to Sinai region (cooperation with Salafi jihadists?)March 14, 2018: $30 billion of Libyan frozen assets sent to Haftar, mostly through DahlanMarch 16, 2018: Dahlan denies any involvement with Tunisian politicsSince August 8, 2018: UAE and Dahlan try to mediate between Eritrea, Sudan, EthiopiaSeptember 10, 2018: CLAIM - In 2013, UAE instigating several assassinations against Islamists?October 16, 2018: Buzzfeed claims UAE and Dahlan hired American mercenaries against al IslahDecember 19, 2018: Dahlan: "Deal of the century was a disaster. United Israel is the solution."2018: After 2nd meeting: assassination of al Islah leaders by Dahlan?2018: Daily Mail: "Dahlan is a conduit from the UAE to Putin's Kremlin"


April 11, 2019: Dahlan is Supporting Omar al-BashirApril 19, 2019: Two Palestinian soldiers - allegedly tasked by Dahlan to surveil UAE and Egyptian dissidents - arrested in TurkeySeptember 5, 2019: Dahlan supports Deal of the Century?  (for U.S.)October 30, 2019: Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: "Dahlan is running a terror cell"November 2018: Branko Stefanovic Arms Scandal - Dahlan is involves in the weapons sale to UAE and Saudi ArabiaDecember 12, 2018: Dahlan denies allegations to secure his potential position in the Palestinian politicsDecember 15, 2019: A $700,000 bounty put on Dahlan's head upon Hamas leader's visit to Turkey2019: UAE became Mozambique’s fifth largest trade partner


February 16, 2020: Dahlan is added to Turkey's most-wanter terrorists listFebruary 19, 2020: Dahlan - a potential dealer between Israel and Uganda?February 21, 2020: Dahlan's Fatah Reformist Current denies all the allegations. "Dahlan tries to end Turkey's colonial aggression"August 22, 2020: Interpol rejects Turkey's demand to issue an arrest warrant for DahlanSeptember 29, 2020: Dahlan buys a mansion in Belgrade, SerbiaSeptember 22, 2020: US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman: "Washington was considering Dahlan as a replacement for Abbas"October 17, 2020: Dahlan urges Egypt to oppose Hamas-Fatah reconciliationNovember 3, 2020: Ethiopia attacks Tigray. Dahlan plays with both sides.December 8, 2020: Djukanović praises Dahlan as a friend, denies business relations


January 13, 2021: Dahlan visits a resort with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Reducing tensions between Ethiopia and SudanFebruary 21, 2021: Dahlan delivers Russia's Sputnik V vaccines to GazaFebruary 25, 2021: Hamas thanks "comrade Dahlan"March 23, 2021: Only 10% of Palestinians support DahlanApril 21, 2021: Dahlan is involved in the plot of overthrowing Jordan's King Abdullah II for opposing Deal of the Century?April 3, 2021: Dahlan claimed on Twitter that safety of Jordanian King is  national necessity for Arabs